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noun /ˈlimərəns/

The state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person.

Limerence is that crazy state of being that happens when you fall in love. They say it can’t last forever, but I wonder, for God, if it does?

I love the old Jewish myth that the Song of Solomon is really about God’s relationship with us. I’ve loved and studied this book for many years and wrote these songs as a loose interpretation of its pages. It is a story of loss and suffering, but also of hope and desires fulfilled. 

It is also a story of the steep, glorious fall from legalism to grace. It is my story, too, and I hope that you see yourself in it as well.

In lieu of doing another Kickstarter, I’m offering one package for anyone who donates on my website. Because I’m recording and producing this album myself, it’s going to knock down the cost a lot. But I’m still paying someone to mix and master each song, and I’m paying someone to print the album.

There is no minimum donation! Everyone who donates (whether $1 or $500) will get the same reward. (If you have a problem with that, see Matt. 5:20.) See below for rewards!

There will be 5-7 songs on this EP.

First single, “Getting Ready",” coming soon!

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