Hi, New Friend!

I grew up in a log cabin in the woods of Georgia and currently live in Nashville where I am a musician, creative writer, and filmmaker. I write songs and stories and create video that I hope will be a source of hope and inspiration to others. I believe that truth is transformative, life is meaningful, and beauty is important.

About my album, "In Search of the Sea":

Fresh, whimsical, thought-provoking, deep; these are the words used to describe Hetty's debut album full of witty lyrics, thoughtful motifs, and catchy melodies. Detailed landscapes and movie-like images will float through your mind as you meet characters like Annaliese, a girl who is always on the run; Paddy Coyle, who left Ireland but tried to take it with her; a woman who falls in love with a man who wants to be a monk. It's Josh Ritter meets Regina Spektor. It's funny and heartbreaking. It's something altogether new.