Writing Vita, Pt. 2

Like I said in Part 1, I started with an image and a feeling. I don’t think that’s a bad way to start at all. I’m very visual and when I read a book, I’m picturing every second in my head as if I’m watching a film. I know that not everyone does this, but I do, so I think it’s important for me to write the way I read. All that to say, I needed to move more into the concrete realm to actually begin working out the structure, characters, and plot.

My friend and fellow writer Helena, has a very strict process when she’s working on a book. She starts by filling up a notebook with information, character backstories, etc. and she also makes a pinterest vision board and prints out the collection of images for a physical one. Then she writes three drafts.

I was not nearly this precise when I wrote Vita, and I imagine I won’t be with my next book, either. And that’s ok, because I have my own style. But, I did steal a few of her ideas. I am beginning to fill up a notebook with ideas for my next book, and I did create a vision board for Vita. Here’s what it looks like.

Vita Vision Board

Vita Vision Board

Just looking at it and knowing nothing of the story, I bet you start getting a sense of who the characters are, how old they are, what they are like. Perhaps that it’s science fiction, that something isn’t right with the world where the story is set.

Looking at the board has helped remind me what this story is about. And what is Vita about? I will steal from my query letter that I’ve been working on:

”When the prophesied savior for the doomed planet Vita dies, Tori goes on a quest to seek answers and to try to save the burning planet herself. Along her journey she is confronted with the fact that everything she has believed up until now has failed her: her faith in the prophecy, her faith in her brother, her faith in the prophet. Everyone has lied to her. She has to decide whether to keep believing that Vita can be saved or conform to the will of those around her, who would leave Vita in hopes of returning to Earth. “