Advice to a Lost Time Traveler

Poetronica: Poem + Video + Music

First, look under your feet:

Is it brick or dirt? Concrete or gold?

Are you on a bridge? Are you on the moon?

What about your surroundings? Is it light?

Can you see the sun? Is it still there?

Or is it dark? If it’s black as night, then

you might be in Akanaten’s tomb or

Charlotte Bronte’s study; or you might have gone too

Far into the future--after the singularity and the Google bots have killed us all.

Or you might be on the edge of Earth’s existence--

Right before creation--

Take a second--breathe--

See if light comes.

Or Maybe you’re in the womb

about to be born

And you know everything, like all babies know,

and you’re about to forget it all

And spend your days like the rest of us:

wandering the Earth

Trying to figure out

what year it is? Why am I here? Where is home?