Compromising Your Vision

Goals. I have so many goals. I’m learning to change and mend my goals as I go along. I’d rather have big goals and miss them then to never make them in the first place. When I first released my album In Search of the Sea, I had a goal of making a music video for every song on the album. It was a huge undertaking. And I eventually had to give it up. I’m learning when to compromise what I had in mind so that I can actually complete some of the things. I’m trying to In the end, I only made four videos for In Search of the Sea. But I’m insanely proud of all of them.

Even with each video there were times I had to compromise my vision. I held off forever finishing the one for “The Sea is Calling Me,” because I wanted this elaborate green screen choreographed dance over the ocean. I finally realized I didn’t have the money or time to finish this specific vision. In experimenting what I could do with the footage, I realized that I actually loved the look of a simple lyric video. It seemed to fit the song. It may not be what I originally intended, but I’m happy with it and It’s done. It is out there in the world--imperfect and incomplete, but somehow whole.

Making plans for 2019, I wanted to release two five-song concept EPs. But as I got closer to actually tracking them, I realized that I needed to choose just one. Cut something, focus on another.

All that to say, I am working on a new EP and it’s going to be awesome. It’s not going to be perfect, it’s not going to fulfill my original vision, but it’s going to be out there in the world. It’s going to exist.

I wonder if I could treat my own life like I do my art projects? I’m not perfect. But I’m perfectly me. I’m out there. I exist. And maybe I’ll turn out better than what I had ever foolishly hoped for myself.

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